MBS - Roofing


Product Advantage

  • Easy and Fast Installation
  • Self-Cleaning
  • Colour Uniformity
  • Recyclable
  • Superior Machinability
  • Eco-Friendly
  • Timeless Apperance
  • Great Value of Price
  • Maintenance Free

Recommended Installation Method


MBOND® Aluminium Composite Panel is produced with a protective PE film on one or both sides which should be kept on until the panel is fastened

To install, 50mm of protective film should be peeled off from the edges of the sheet to allow clean sheet insertion into the glazing system.

The residual film should be removed immediately after the glazing is completed.


Make sure the support structure is clean and dry. Do not directly screw the sheet, only use aluminium clapping for joining. Must leave a gal of at least 50mm in between sheets for thermal expansion and contraction. A minimum slope of 5º roof pitch is recommended to allow adequate rain water run-off.

MBond® Aluminium Composite Panel can be cold-form by : -

* a/b >= 2 * Ø < 90˚ * R >= 180t

Important Guidelines


For maintenance and storage guidelines


Storage Method

Sheets should be kept indoor, protected from sunlight and rain fall by an appropriate opaque waterproof roof cover.

Cleaning Method

Use only neutral detergent or mild soap for cleaning. Wash by using soft cloth op sponge. Rinse off with lukewarm water (below 60˚C)

Use only neutral silicone for MBOND®Use circular saw blade for cutting MBOND® Aluminium Composite Panel.

Cutting Method

Use circular saw blade for cutting MBOND® Aluminium Composite Panel.